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More than just CAD drawings.

Since the age of 10, Bill worked with his father building their home through his early teen years and has been in the construction industry ever since. His construction background combined with two decades of CAD experience gives Bill a unique advantage reviewing conceptual designs, knowing exactly what it takes to build it and produce the CAD files necessary to make it happen. This has made CADDROID the go-to company for reliable, efficient and effective outsourcing.

Our services.

We are experts in CAD services for exhibit. museum, retail and architectural metal fabrication. Below are some of the ways you can utilize our skills to move your ideas forward.

Organizational Consulting
We can spend time with your organization to establish consistent drafting standards, accommodate new construction methods and streamline communication efficiency.
Design Interpretation
We can save your company time by taking a concept from idea to approval drawings. Just show us the renderings and we will refine the idea into a build-able design.
CAD Drawings
We have been using CAD since DOS. Trust us to handle everything from concept to build construction drawings, setups and assembles, and reconfiguration of existing properties.
Our CAD gets around.

We are honored to have applied our CAD skills on projects for many well known brands including the few listed below. We hope to add your company to our list.

Doing something right.

I have worked in the exhibit industry for close to twenty years and have worked with dozens of CAD professionals. Bill Swainey is bar none the best at what he does. He is the go to guy when no one else can figure it out.

Heath Cox, Owner, Cox Studios Inc.

Caddroid (Bill Swainey) has been more than a great freelance resource.  He has the drive and ability to be an integral part of your project team.  He adapts to our CAD formats and production specifications, according to our company operations, to be the high value member of my staff that our company is needing.  With his industry experience and professionalism I confidently put him directly in with Clients and Sales teams to optimize project communication and allow me to be more efficient as a manager. Our collaboration with Caddroid has made me and my staff better by being a true partner in finding great solutions or sharing methods and CAD knowledge to get to the most efficient way to get the work done.  His focus on the long term partnership keeps me looking for opportunities where I can  ensure a successful project by using Caddroid on my project team.

Brian Kinder, PM Manager,  Derse Inc.  Chicago

In working with Bill & the team at CADDROID I always felt like our projects were the most important, it’s just the way they do business. Each project was maintained in all areas; cost, timeliness and accuracy. I don’t think you could ask for a better partner.

Joachim Moeller, Director of Design Technology, Freeman
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